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Bizwings ERP is Designed for particularly “Unit / Plot / Product Allotment, tracking, commission and company management purposes”, Bizwings ERP can be used by Non Banking Financial Establishments, Builders and Developers and the service sector companies having work related to Business development, Infrastructure development, Policy and maturity services, customer and agent base installment / commission management or MLM (Multilevel Marketing) like services.
It is basically a Business ERP Software which is designed with a purpose to facilitate entire standard and corporate activities performing at branch level and even there associates from different locations. At vast, from this software company or business enterprise can manage their Staff members, brokers, Agents, Managers, Marketing Executives,  Advisers, Dealers, Consultants, Field associates, Customer & Recurring customers.

The basic feature of this software is to simplify business flow at our client end, which will ease them to manage their data in a hassle free structure and to yield the best possible results out of it.
Various components which acts in gravity to the software is the field associates, the agreements made, and the renewals followed to the agreements.

Our Bizwings for Non banking Financial institution, provides our clients with three pillars which constitutes the operation of the software and these are the Recurring deposits, Pension plans, and fixed deposits. these kind of plans acts as the radius for the complete functioning of the company.

Bizwings® is proprietary software solely created and crafted by India Active Software Inc. The company primarily holds all the copyright of the software.

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